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About Us

Falls Church Preschool

About Us

Children learn naturally through their environment. Each class is enriched with centers. They have a listening/reading center, science & math center, art center, writing center, housekeeping/pretend center, computer center, water table, and blocks. A playground is used twice a day, every day for gross motor. Children enjoy music and movement with a parachute, musical instruments, bean bags and Lummi sticks. Special music is offered three times a month.

The center focus on literacy includes providing storytime with a Fairfax County librarian. Extra books are purchased so that they also are given away by the center, as well as utilizing a lending library during the year. Many children have no books at home and look forward to receiving their special books. A lending library is offered weekly to promote parents reading to their children. Books are the windows to the world to children. Despite the fact that English is a second language for many children, children leave the center fluent in English and ready to succeed in school.

Each child receives free screenings with a speech pathologist, audiologist, dentist, mental health consultant and Prevention of Blindness. Family engagement opportunities are offered with a translator from a psychologist, nutritionist and Child Find. All children receive hot catered breakfast, lunch, and snack daily.


Our mission is to provide a quality, affordable, comprehensive program in a nurturing, educational environment to low to moderate income children.


Seven Corners Children’s Center was founded in 1971 by First Christian Church in Falls Church as an outreach to low-income families in the Falls Church area of Fairfax County. It outgrew its space due to the demand for more children. With the advocacy of the church and support of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, a new center was built in 1987 at its current location.